Eric Murphy Net Worth 2022

Eric Murphy is the eldest son of Eddie Murphy, a comedian, and Paulette McNeely, a writer.

Eric Murphy has a net worth of $500,000. He is a writer and a voice actor. Aside from his job, 

he is best known for being the son of Eddie Murphy, a legendary comedian and actor. Eric is also a social 

media celebrity with approximately 20,000 Instagram followers. Eric is also in the spotlight since, 

as of mid-2021, he is dating popular actress Jasmine Lawrence. So, let's learn more about 

Murphy's love life and other topics. Jasmine Lawrence, the voice actor's actress girlfriend, 

has him completely smitten. Jasmine Lawrence, the actress girlfriend of the voice actor, is in love with him.

When it comes to sharing his private life, Murphy is more likely to be a secretive individual.

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