Is Zendaya Pregnant Rumors #Krissed 

A viral fad that tricked individuals on TikTok spread throughout social media platforms, 

resulting in a flurry of memes and jokes on Twitter, with many people falling for the ruse. 

Because of the rumor, Zendaya became a hot topic. Thousands of Zendaya fans have been 

'Krissed' after believing an internet claim that Zendaya is expecting Tom Holland's child. People are 

#Krissed on TikTok when phony reports about Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars Zendaya 

and Holland are posted, before Kris Jenner appears on screen to taunt the viewer and 

reveal the story is a fraud. The fact that the reports were false hasn't prevented some 

individuals on Twitter from believing them. People reacted to the "news" on Twitter with phony 

congrats for Dune actress Zendaya, along with accompanying videos that showed their true emotions—usually despair or fury.

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