Julee Cruise, David Lynch, Twin Peaks

Julee Cruise, the singer who appeared in some of David Lynch's most memorable works, died at the age of 65. 

"She walked out from this world on her own terms. There are no regrets. In a Facebook post, 

her husband Edward Grinnan said, "She is at peace." "During her transition, I played Roam 

by the B-52s. She'll be free to travel for the rest of her life. My darling, rest in peace, and love to you all."

The instrumental version of Cruise's best-known song "Falling" was used as the theme music for 

David Lynch's 1990 television drama Twin Peaks, and she appeared in several episodes, 

notably the climactic and horrific "Bob"-revealing episode "Lonely Souls." They had previously 

collaborated on Lynch's neo-noir film Blue Velvet (1986), and she also played "The Dreamself of 

the Heartbroken Woman" in his 1990 avant-garde concert performance Industrial Symphony No. 1. 

In a Facebook post in 2018, Cruise revealed that she had systemic lupus, which had left her unable to walk or stand.

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