NBA Warriors Stephen Curry Net Worth 2022

Stephen Curry's net worth is projected to be $160 million, according to celebrity net worth. 

He's made a lot of money over the years, not just through his huge NBA salary, but also from large 

endorsement deals with practically every major corporation in the country and numerous lucrative 

financial endeavors. Steph Curry made $130 million in NBA salaries and $150 million in endorsements 

in his first ten years in the league. He signed a five-year, $206.8 million contract with the Golden 

State Warriors in 2017, which at the time was the richest contract ever signed by a player. 

Curry also has large endorsement partnerships with Under Armour and TCL's palm phones, a 

business in which he is a major investor. He also founded Unanimous Media, a firm that specializes in 

media production and technology. Steph Curry signed a four-year, $215 million deal with the Warriors on August 4, 2021.

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