What Happened to Marion Barber Dallas Cowboys

Frisco police discovered the body of former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber in his residence. 

Marion Barber, according to former Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, was a near-perfect player.

Many former teammates and coaches have expressed regret, shock, and grief over the 

untimely death of former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber, who was discovered lifeless 

in his residence on Wednesday by Frisco police. Coach Bill Parcells, who chose Barber 

in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft, was one of them. Barber, who spent six of his seven NFL 

seasons with the Cowboys, was with Parcells for his first two seasons and left an 

indelible mark. According to a source, Barber had no communication with anyone from Saturday 

until he was discovered by police on Wednesday during a welfare check.

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