What You Need to Know About Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 Hearings?

In what may be its final hearing, the House Jan. 6 Hearings committee seeks to demonstrate how Donald Trump’s false claims about a rigged election contributed to the bloody attack on the U.S. Capitol, which he did nothing to prevent but instead “merrily” observed from the White House.

In spite of pleadings from advisers, allies, and even his family, Trump did nothing on January 6, 2021, for 187 minutes, according to the prime-time hearing.

The panel contends that the unsuccessful efforts of the outgoing president to annul Joe Biden’s election result have led to lingering doubts about the democracy’s resilience in the United States.

The Donald Trump‘s Jan. 6 Hearings aka. Thursday night session will add a conclusion to the previous six weeks of hearings that at times have captivated the nation and provided a record for history.

Live testimony from two former White House aides will be presented during the session, along with excerpts from the committee’s more than 1,000 interviews.

The committee made available a video of four former White House aides who testified that Trump was watching TV in the private dining room as the violence broke out: press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, security aide Gen. Keith Kellogg, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, and executive assistant to the president Molly Michael.

The panel will discuss how close the United States came to what one retired federal judge described as a constitutional catastrophe when it returns to prime time for the first time since the hearings started.

According to Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo, who serves as the panel’s vice chair, the events of January 6 would be described “minute by minute.”

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