America Was Never So Weak Before

Two blunders recorded in America’s account in the same month?

The resentment against the great United States of America is increasing in the big countries of the world.

Once upon a time Tuti spoke in the whole world of America. Every country wanted to be in the “good books” of America. America used to do “moral policing” of the whole world.

If you say in simple language, “Power of America”.

The US left Afghanistan a day before the Taliban’s deadline.

The picture you are seeing is of the last US soldier leaving Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is now Taliban-led and America-free.

Some people are celebrating its happiness, while at this time the whole world is now living in a new panic. No one knows what will be the future of Afghanistan, but everyone is sure to guess what can happen in the future.

By the way, if a country sends its troops to another country, then it is natural to protest there, but for the citizens of Afghanistan, American soldiers were no less than a protector. Because during the US, the Taliban’s strict Sharia law was replaced by democratic laws.

At the same time, when the US announced the withdrawal, the Taliban have captured the whole of Afghanistan and the situation is back 20 years ago.

America’s image has been tarnished by leaving Afghanistan a day earlier!

There was a time when the perceived threat of America was in the whole world and today the whole world is cursing America by drinking water.

America is also cursed by the world because the way it has left Afghanistan, the danger of spreading terrorism all over the world has increased manifold.

The same concern is being expressed within the US that attacks like 9/11 may happen again if the Taliban take back Afghanistan.

The biggest threat is from the weapons and aircraft worth billions of dollars left by the US in Afghanistan.

The American may have left them in unusable condition, but can these weapons not be improvised again with some external help? China has likewise started dreaming of making Afghanistan a part of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Let’s see where the Afghan camel will sit!

America has now bought France’s “biggest outrage of the century”.

Now because of Afghanistan, America was being respected in the whole world, then another friend got angry with America. And that too is not such a friend. One of the strongest countries in Europe and a friend of a permanent member of the UN Security Council – France.

The world had never imagined that France would be angry with America and Australia to such an extent that it would recall its ambassadors from both the countries.

Now you will ask, has France really recalled its ambassadors from America and Australia? Yes! this is true.

After all, how did the rift between France and America – Australia happen?

Actually it happened that Australia wanted a modern submarine and for this Australia was in contact with France for a long time. France was sure that this deal of this billions is its own.

Then later came to America. He formed a defense alliance with the UK and Australia called AUKUS, and due to this new defense alliance, Australia signed its submarine deal with the US.

On this, for the first time, a sentence came out from France, which hardly anyone would have said for a friendly country – We have been stabbed in the back.

Now when someone takes the morsel going into your mouth in his mouth, it will come out the same.

Now what will happen next?

France now wants to extend the hand of friendship to new countries in the world and our beloved country India is at number one.

Why not? We have always respected everyone.

What do you think about “America’s future”, please comment below.

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