Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria Argues in Favor of Family Gatherings

A combination of pictures and videos from her mother’s surprise birthday party were published by the actress who portrays Cassie Howard yesterday (August 28), but some of the costumes on exhibit sparked quite a stir among her fans.

Sydney Sweeney, a fan favorite at Euphoria, defended her contentious Instagram family album.

‘Make 60 Great Again’ statement was printed on people’s caps, referencing to people’s support for the ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign started by former president Donald Trump. Another man’s garment had the flag of ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ a pro-police countermovement to Black Lives Matter.

Sweeney’s initial caption stated, “No better way to celebrate my mum than a surprise hoedown,” but in reaction to criticism, she tweeted, “You guys this is nuts. It wasn’t meant to be this way, but the celebration of my mom’s milestone 60th birthday has devolved into a ridiculous political statement.

“Stop forming assumptions, please. Love to everybody and happy birthday to mom!

Happy birthday to your mom, I can’t believe they’re trying to spoil her good day, one Twitter user backed Sweeney in the comments.

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