Why Is China Sending 13000 Satellites To Space, What Is The Purpose?

What will happen when we see only satellites instead of stars in space?

China is sending 13000 satellites into the space of its “Mega constellation Project”. China will send this mega constellation to Earth’s low-orbit. China has formed two companies to prepare a satellite industry. The first is “China Satellite Network Application Co., Ltd.” And the other is “Chongqing Satellite Network System Research Institute Co., Ltd.”. Both companies will work to build satellites on a large scale in Chongqing city of China.

China says that this mega constellation of satellites will bring internet to rural and remote areas of China. And at the same time it will also work to strengthen the 5G network in China. All preparations have been made to take this plan of China forward by the powerful people of the Chinese government.

Will these satellites only hover over China?
It is not clear yet. Under this “mega constellation project” of China, the range of these satellites above the earth will be from 498.89 km to 1144.24 km.

What is “Mega constellation”?
Mega constellation refers to the network of satellites in which thousands of satellites are hovering above the earth. SpaceX has built the largest mega constellation to date, with about 2,000 satellites.

Why China’s “Mega constellation Project” has caused a stir in the big countries of the world?
Whatever China does, one thing is always expressed by all the countries behind it and that is – spying. It is believed that through this project, China will work to further its ambition. Some countries, including America, have already been suspecting that China is spying on them through its satellites. Anyway, China’s relations with Taiwan, Philippines and India are not going well.

Is it right to send so many satellites into space?
Scientists have warned that if so many satellites remain in space, then the problem of a new type of pollution will arise in front of humanity. Due to this, less sunlight will reach the earth during the day and darkness can also increase at night.

The biggest problem will come in the night when you will not only see the stars in the sky but only the rotating satellites. You may think of stationary satellites as stars. And then because of the light produced by so many satellites, we hardly ever see a real star again.

When there are thousands of satellites, then the chances of colliding among them will also increase greatly. These satellites sent for the Internet will be a big threat to other important and expensive satellites.

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